Our Story

My first English Springer Spaniel, Trixie arrived at my classroom door when I was in a portable, skinny, wet and begging for help. Back in the days of nose printing, her owner was never located. She came within a year of my sister's death, at which time her beloved English Springer Spaniel passed away of heartache, the same night my sister was killed in a motor accident. Trixie started our venture into our love of puppies.

Our English Springer Spaniels have a show and field pedigree. We have tri-colour, liver and white and black and white. They are couch potatoes in the house, but are good hunters when in the field.

Our first American Cocker Spaniel came from a little girl in my classroom who was moving away and couldn't take her dog to her new home. She felt much better knowing that I would take Sasha and give her lots of love.

Sasha and Trixie would mother each others' pups and became the start of the great relationships we have maintained over the years with families who have our Spaniels. We have an album with many photos and letters regarding our puppies and emails from owners that we would be pleased to share with you regarding our puppies.

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